Like most insurance companies, Progressive uses information from you and other sources, such as your driving, claims and credit histories, to calculate an accurate price for your insurance. New or updated information may be used to calculate your renewal premium. Its Privacy Policy explains how Progressive discloses and protects your personal information and how you may access and correct it. I can provide a copy at your request.

In connection with this application for insurance, we may review your credit report or obtain or use a credit-based insurance score based on the information contained in that credit report. We may use a third party in connection with the development of your insurance score. 

To provide you with an accurate quote, Travelers obtains information about you and other household members from consumer reporting agencies. This includes credit-based insurance score, driving and claim histories and other consumer reports. They use this information to underwrite and rate your policy. They may order additional reports to update or renew your insurance. Travelers may use a third party to develop a credit-based insurance score. Not all reports are ordered in all states. Travelers Privacy Policy explains how Travelers discloses and protects information.

Privacy, Credit Report and Insurance Score Pre-Notice Requirement

Nationwide has a privacy policy to protect your personal information, which is available upon request. To offer you the quote you requested and for any policy renewal, we may verify loss history an use consumer reports, including credit reports where permitted by law. A third party may be used in the development of a credit-based insurance score. You have the right to review your personal information in our files and can request correction of any inaccuracies.

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