February 2023 Newsletter

Assessed Value vs Replacement Cost Value

The recent increase in the assessed value in homes in Lancaster County is significant In the insurance industry. It is crucial to ensure your home is insured at 100% of the replacement cost to avoid being underinsured in the event of a loss. Insurance companies utilize cost estimators and assessor information to determine the appropriate coverage amount for your home.

We are closely monitoring accounts as they approach renewal, but if you suspect your home is not adequately insured, reach out to us now. We would be happy to conduct a review with you.

Life Insurance – Do you have enough?

Term life insurance offers crucial protection for loved ones in case of unexpected death. Relying solely on workplace insurance can result in loss of coverage if job changes or company benefits are discontinued. Separate policies allow individuals to choose appropriate coverage and secure their loved ones’ financial security. Get your free quote from us today.

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